Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I've struggled for a while with my writing.  For one reason or another it doesn't flow as easily as it used to.  I like to say that life gets in the way and it does.  Life is fast and furious.  Life is hurried and busy.  I crave a slower pace but I'm not sure  it's something I'll ever achieve.  

For reasons I won't discuss here, 2015 has not been a banner year for me thus far.  I mention it only because it's just one more thing that gets in the way of my writing.  I love writing.  Writing forces me to sit at the computer and think, it forces me to take the time to sit in one spot and let my mind wander and create.  It's the closest I will ever come to achieving that slower pace that I crave so much.  When my head sparks with an idea or when one just lands in my lap, I jump at the chance to let it flow and see where it will take me.

Just such an occasion arose the other day.  It was late afternoon and my son came bursting thru the door waving a sheet of paper in his hand and talking so fast that I couldn't make out a word.  After getting him settled enough to repeat himself slowly, it became clear that he wanted me to read the paper in his hand and I did.  I was so impressed.  It was a sample of his "free writing" as he called it.  Apparently when the children in his class are finished with their work the teacher will give them a short sentence or topic and tell them to just write something quick about it.  Matthew's assigned short phrase was "will it find us."  This is what he came up with.....

The Fish
By Matthew Cucchiaro

One day a guy was fishing off the dock.  I almost bit the hook but then my friend Larry did and well...RIP Larry.  Then one day a big fish came into the harbor, me and my family hid under a rock and I said "will it find us?"  Then my friend Robert didn't hear the news about the big fish and well...RIP Robert.  Then one day I didn't hear about another big fish in the harbor and I almost got eaten but then he went after that guy's bait and well... RIP Big Fish.  Then one day I grew so big I couldn't fit in the small hole in the rock and I heard that there was a shark in the harbor and the shark chased me and well....RIP Me.

Matthew is in the 6th grade and just turned 12 years old.  There are so many interesting things in this writing sample that I'm not sure where to begin.  I'm impressed with the voice of the piece.  Matthew is a fish in this story and he writes from the fish's perspective.  At his age I found it impressive for him to do that and I was proud of him.  I like the humor in the piece-- "...and well..... RIP..."  It's cute and funny and it's so like Matthew's personality.  He's a witty kid and he makes me laugh.  His only instruction was to use "will it find us" and he built a "big fish story" around that one phrase.  According to him he took just ten minutes to write it.  It's a well developed story with several characters, there is developed and pertinent humor and he met the teacher's criteria.  All very impressive.

Maybe I'm just a mom who is proud of her son.  Maybe it really is impressive work for a 12 year old boy.  In the end, either is ok.  It made me smile and feel warm in my belly.  It was the inspiration for me to sit and write.  My son gave me a small dose of that slower pace that I need and want and crave.  Thanks honey, I love you.


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