Thursday, June 27, 2013

Does My Butt Look Fat?

Summer arrived on my doorstep regardless of how ready my body was to receive it.  I suppose I'm being hard on myself but this transformation bit is taking far too long.  I'm not defeated, I'm not giving up, just a moment of frustration is all.  I have to concentrate on the achievements-- I have gone down more than a size and I did lose 10+ pounds and gained some pretty solid muscle in the process.  The best part?  People have noticed and they've told me so.  All in all, I should be proud of myself, right? Well it's not good enough.  There's still a bit too much junk in my trunk.  I said I'd lose 20 pounds and I'll lose that last 10 if it's the last thing I do!  I've got to stay focused.  Eye on the prize!!

Staying on plan with the diet isn't so hard, per se, it's weaving the meals in every three hours that's tough.  The kids are home, we are out and about and Mom's Taxi is in full swing.  It's that kind of lifestyle that causes people (me) to grab the wrong kind of food to eat.  I have to tell myself that preparation is everything.  I have to have meals planned out in my head before I hit the grocery store.  I'll be honest, I migrate toward the same 4-5 meals all the time.  I know I like them so it's easy.  I also know from experience that you have to be careful about doing that or you will essentially "OD" on the diet and give up.  You will get sick of the food, pure and simple.  Stick to the basics of the plan but get creative-- 5 meals a day that consist of a protein, a carb and a fat. Drink 3 litres (more if you can do it) of water a day.  Stay true to portion control.  If you do that then you will not be hungry, you will not crave sugar and you will not crave bread.  Sometimes I forget the fat--don't--you need it.  Don't forget to take a meal off a week and a WHOLE DAY OFF every week.  I got frustrated with the weight coming off too slowly and started to go full steam ahead without a break. I had a conversation with the gal that introduced me to GAME ON and she said -No!  Stick to the plan she said, your metabolism is already working, if you throw a naughty day into the mix your body will say "Cool!  A challenge!" and work that much harder to use up the extra fuel.  Makes sense.  She was right.

Photography by Michelle Morrissette Cucchiaro

The workouts are getting harder but they are supposed to get harder, I can handle it better than I did when I started. I'd like to be in the gym 7 days a week, I really think that would speed things up, but I can't find the time.  I can commit to 4 days, 5 if I'm lucky.  I workout with Chris Engel of Engel Fitness twice a week for one on one training.  The rest of the time I'm on my own.  I try to mix it up--cardio some days, weights other days and a mix of classes too.  TRX, Tabata, Barre, Boot Camp, Butts & Guts-- they are all lead by Chris and they are all awesome.  I need the variety so I don't get bored or plateau physically.                                         


I just added the Boot Camp regimen to my weekly routine.  I've seen similar classes advertised in this area over the summer but I'd never tried one.  They usually take place outside somewhere and it's not uncommon to find them going on at the local beaches.  Boot Camp Engel Fitness-style took place on the soccer field and running track of Rockport High School.  I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pretty impressed.  There were more than 20 people!!  The class was really energizing and there were a variety of "stations" to keep things interesting.  Boot Camp is a keeper and I plan on keeping that one on the list for sure!  Won't you join me?  I need someone to tell me if my butt still looks fat!



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