Thursday, September 12, 2013

Size Matters

The days are still warm but the early morning nip has not escaped me.  While I haven't pulled out so much as a sweatshirt yet, the time does draw near so I figured I'd do a little organizing in preparation for the wardrobe change that's just around the corner.  I pulled things off shelves and out of drawers.  I separated by color and style and size.  I was shocked to find that I had three different sizes of jeans--24 pair in all!!  As I sorted thru them and stacked them by size my mind naturally drifted to shopping.  Like most people who put on weight, I had to buy clothes that fit so I would simply buy (albeit reluctantly) the next size up.  In looking at the freshly stacked piles I noticed that the largest pile of jeans were also the biggest size and many of the jeans still had the tags on them.  How could this be?  My weight gain had happened over a relatively short period of time--roughly a year-- and then I started the process of taking it off so how did I come by so many "large" pairs of jeans?  I'll tell you how, I was "fat" in the head.  I was so accustomed to being that "large" size that I would automatically migrate to it while shopping.  I would only take that particular size in the dressing room, if it was a bit loose I would convince myself that it would shrink in the laundry process and ultimately fit. I was buying clothes that didn't fit, they were too big.  In the mirror I still saw myself as overweight and didn't want tight fitting clothes.  I was "fat" in the head.

Size matters.  I have done all the right things to lose the weight, exercised religiously and really changed my way of life.  I owe it to myself to buy clothes that fit!  As you move thru your own journey give "size" some thought.  When you approach and ultimately reach your goal, shop with care, make sure your clothes fit and don't be "fat" in the head!!


+Michelle Morrissette Cucchiaro
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