Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Kind of Selfish

I woke to the sounds of talk radio this morning.  Most of the time it's music but today is Sunday and Sunday is apparently reserved for the talking heads in radio land.  I didn't mind so much that it was talk radio as much as I minded that it was 6:30am and I had no good reason to be up at that hour on a Sunday.  I'm not one to sweat the small stuff so I just lay there and listened.  As it turns out it was a great way to start the day and  it was validation of the best kind.  You see, I've lived my life having at least one tiny practice remain constant. This one tiny practice was the subject at hand on this particular talk radio show.  I didn't catch the entire show, the alarm went off in the middle of it, but I woke as the guest speaker began a discussion on the best way to cure oneself of sadness or of bad feelings or of a bad mood in general.  The answer was to do something kind for someone else.  Give someone else the gift of what is lacking in your life at that moment and when you do that it will bestow upon you the very gift you are giving.  As you reach out to lift the spirits of another you too will have your spirits lifted.  As you lend a helping hand to ease the burden of another so too will your burden be lifted.  As the delight spreads across the face of another, so too will it create a smile upon yours.  

I do this.  I've always done this and it works like a charm.  It makes me feel good to do nice things for other people.  It's my kind of selfish......


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