Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Best Day Ever!!

I woke up with the weight of the world on my shoulders. The pressures of work and a busy family life had invaded my dreams and restful slumber had escaped me. I quickly reminded myself of my commitment to surround myself with peace and choose happiness. It's time to reframe my frame of reference because it truly is all in how you look at it.

It was a busy day but the focal point and highlight of today's journey was quality time spent with my lovely daughter. She is my joy and she is growing up so fast. It seems like only yesterday that simulated airplanes full of strained peas were coming in for a landing. In the blink of an eye she and I were seemingly "beamed up" from the high chair in my kitchen to twin high backs at local Gloucester eatery, Minglewood Tavern.

Our day was leisurely--homemade orange pancakes and sausages to start, errands here and there, a salon appointment woven in to the mix. We talked and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed the quiet pace of the day.

Minglewood was our final destination and we were starved.

We ordered burgers and fries, both with thick slices of Vermont cheddar cheese, mine with the added kick of jalapeƱo bacon jam-- a must have at Minglewood! No girls-day-out- lunch would be complete without dessert and dessert we had!!

After carefully weighing out the pros and cons of the dessert menu offerings, we settled on the chef's daily special--a Strawberry Sherbert Cheesecake, and the Molten Chocolate Cake.

Strawberry Sherbert Cheesecake--The name is deceiving.  I expected a dense dessert in the New York style.   I was pleasantly surprised at the lightness of this dessert.  It was airy and pleasing to the palate.  It tasted like summer.

The Molten Chocolate Cake came complete with a river of flowing fudge and an ice cream cap bedazzled with Heath Bar crunch!  Yum!!  It was everything we dreamed it could be and more.

It was an absolutely delicious lunch and the company was even better!  I'm so proud of the young lady my daughter has become.  She is truly beautiful inside and out.

There were so many high points in my day, the Minglewood experience just barely grazed the surface.  Focusing on the individual moments of joy carried me through and living in the moment allowed me to experience the peace I am committed to.  It was a great, great day filled with relaxation, laughter and many, many joyful moments spent with my best girl!!  To quote my daughter "it was the best day ever"!

+Michelle Morrissette Cucchiaro
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