Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adventures in Paradise

The flight to San Juan was uneventful but for the last horrific 5 minutes. I'm unsure if others on the flight felt the same way, but for me, it felt like I'd been stuffed into a washing machine in the midst of the spin cycle. Landing in a high wind situation is not desirable. You truly feel like a speck in the vast universe as you get tossed about and you wonder if you'll make it. We did and for that I was truly grateful. My co-travelers were equally as joyous as the cabin erupted in applause.

My family and I were excited! This was going to be the first cruise we'd been on with the kids. My husband and I had cruised before and we knew what to expect but the kids had no idea.

We quickly grabbed a cab from the airport and we were off! It was a quick 20 minute drive before the Celebrity Summit came into view. I stole a glance at the children as we pulled up closer and saw three jaws dropping. They were absolutely mesmerized by the enormity of the vessel we were about to board. Cruise ships are majestic and the Summit was no different.

We were greeted with champagne and quickly found our stateroom.

It was a corner unit, two separate rooms separated by sliding walls of teak and frosted glass panes. The beds were comfortable, the room was spacious and the view from our large veranda was spectacular! The ship had yet to set sail and already we felt like royalty!!


We quickly unpacked and set out to explore our floating city. There was something to see down every corridor and around every corner.



Casinos, cafes, shops and spas-- our every need had been anticipated.


The kids were wide-eyed as the many pools came into view. My little people just had to swim and they had to swim now!!

With towels slung over our shoulders and pina coladas in hand it was a great start to our adventures in paradise.

Stay tuned for island hopping adventures!!!

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