Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frog is My Favorite Word


I was in the middle of editing a new blog series and I decided to take a short break.  Well, actually, my 10lb master decided for me and off we went for our evening walk.  The streets of my small town are peaceful at night and an evening walk in the cool air with my little buddy is always my favorite time of day.  I breathed deeply, clearing my mind of the days clutter, and then I heard it... It was distant but it was distinct and I heard it.  It's time, they're here.  They were born today.   Today is April 16th, 2013 and tonight the peepers were born!

Country folk know what peepers are and they know what they mean.  Peepers are the tiny frogs that are the true harbingers of spring.  When the peepers are born they make a loud--very loud-- chirping sound that is melodic and song-like.  It's the song of spring and country folk know that soon the days and nights will be warmer.  It's Mother Nature's promise of rebirth, a time of new beginnings.  Cookouts with friends and family, beach days and baseball are not far behind.   Winter is finally over!!

Spring is a time when the joy of simple pleasures is plentiful.  It's everywhere you look, just reach out and grab a handful.  The sun shining on your face is warm and lazy, children giggle and laugh without a care, flowers bloom and it's all good.  It's a time of easy smiles, happiness and warmth of the heart.  It's promising and hopeful.  Enjoy it, find peace in it, revel in a life free of chaos if only for a moment.  Appreciate today and all it holds for you.  Breath, just breath, be still and "be" in it. 


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