Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Journey Continues, Nirvana

March 16, 2013

A restful sleep, a hearty breakfast and a beautiful day that holds the promise of even better things to come.  I was ready!  

While this entire journey has been about self care, today was about therapeutic self care.  The activities I had chosen were intended to relieve the stress of the year.  Today was about renewal and rejuvenation. 

When you arrive at Sanno's reception desk you are greeted warmly by sharply dressed staff.  After being sized for spa sandals staff will escort you to comfortably equipped dressing rooms where you are given thick robes and lockers for your clothes. 

While my appointments were scheduled for 11am, I like to arrive early to have some quiet time with a hot cup of tea.  Sanno offers a variety of healthy snacks as well. 

The relaxation rooms are warm and inviting and decorated in such a way as to support the serenity I look for in a spa experience.


 A soft, fluffy robe, a warm cup of tea and a book to lose myself in.  There's a fire burning in the fireplace, I choose a seat right up close.  Soft music dances in the air.  It's just perfect and it's my time to relax............

In what seems like only moments, my masseuse, Kevin,  appears in the room....

     "Michelle, it's time for your massage." 

I close my book and follow Kevin to one of the treatment rooms.  Aromatherapy is an important therapeutic part of the massage.  He explains my fragrance choices and what types of healing they will promote during massage.  They are all heavenly scents.  I choose one........

and my massage begins.........

A massage can be a very emotional experience as the masseuse literally kneads the tension out of the stress-gathering spots in your neck, shoulders and back.  I'd had Kevin before and he never disappoints.  He did a wonderful job and I was almost lifeless as he left the room.  When I emerged Kevin was there to greet me with a cool glass of lemon water and an explanation of how important hydration is after massage.  He escorted me back to the relaxation rooms where I would wait for my next experience to begin. 

"Michelle"" entered the relaxation room to collect me for my next experience in self care.  I'd chosen to have a facial.  Michelle used some lovely all-natural products, warm towels and steam.  It was a relaxing experience that nearly put me to sleep. 

 After hours of spa treatments with Kevin and Michelle I was completely spent.  While my experiences left me so relaxed that sleep could have been imminent, I was rejuvenated at the same time.  I left Sanno feeling fresh and ready for whatever adventure the night held for me.  It was just what the doctor ordered!!

Stay tuned as the journey continues...........

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