Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lovely Enough For Two

A funny thing happened to me at the grocery store yesterday.  After a busy day of errands and visiting with my Mom, I decided, quite last minute, to have people for dinner.  I made a sauce and shot over to the grocery store to pick up a few last minute items.  I wasn't wearing anything particularly attractive--just my typical, yet extremely comfortable, new uniform of yoga pants and flip flops.  While my hair was neat and combed it certainly wasn't coiffed for a night out on the town and, of course, no makeup.  I grabbed a carriage and off into the store I went.  I entered in the produce section and quickly gathered salad fixins'.  As I passed thru the floral department a cute but tiny flower caught my eye.  It was attractively "dressed" in a paper covered pot and the pink blooms were fragrant in a heady sort of way.  How perfect for my mother!!  Just a little pick-me-up, something to say "I'm thinking of you". 

As I placed the flower pot in my cart an older gentleman caught my eye.  He was walking toward me and began to speak. 

"Oh dear, you are so lovely, surely you are worth two of those.  Go on, take another one."

He smiled kindly and I returned his smile with one that was equally as warm.  I offered him thanks and he held up his hand....

"A rabbi once told me that the young pretty girls today move so fast yet they feel at some point that they are not appreciated or loved.  He was very wise and offered some wonderful advice.  Slow down dear, you are lovely and worthy but you must slow down so that all the people who love you can catch up and.... love you."

With that he wished me a wonderful day and he was gone.



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