Saturday, May 4, 2013

Soccer and a Side of Fries

I woke early to sunshine streaming through my windows.  I didn't so much "spring" out of bed (although that would have been a nice touch had I chosen to write it that way... ), but I did rise with enough energy to make the coffee and take the dog out for a quick walk.  Rockport is gorgeous this time of year and early morning walks with the prince of pups are a frenzy for the senses for both the dog as well as myself.  Flowers of every color are in bloom, thick, sweet fragrances fill the air and birds sing an orchestra of spring songs.  I'm lucky to live here and I appreciate it every day.
Saturdays in the spring are busy.  Three kids, two soccer games at conflicting times in towns that are an hour apart (thankfully the twins are on the same team), yard work, cleaning, laundry, groceries-- garden variety family stuff.  I love it!!  We race around from here to there but I absolutely love the pace of the day!  Today would be no different.  I had the away game today so it was off to Newburyport we went..... what a stunning day for a soccer WIN!!!  Way to go girls!!

They played hard, they played well and, most importantly, they played as a TEAM!!! 


Nothing makes you hungrier than an early morning hard earned soccer win!  We found this little gem on the way home.  Situated on Route 1 South, just around the corner from the soccer field is Haley's Ice Cream.  
            The retro 50's decor was adorable and the menu offerings were just what we were looking for.  It's simple but well done.  Delicious burgers and fries, shakes and ice cream.  Perfect for kids and parents alike!!

I think Haley's made two little soccer stars VERY happy today!!  What more could a mother ask for?

It was the perfect start to a perfect day!!!  Wishing the same for you!!
+Michelle Morrissette Cucchiaro
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