Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good Morning Nantucket

My adventure came to a close last week but I'm not quite done telling all there is to tell...

We tend to island hop while we are away.  My true love is Martha's Vineyard.  It's an easy paced lifestyle, add a centrally located venue, a pool and a blender and voila!!  You've got a vacation!!  While I love it there, sometimes the family wants for a little mix-it-up so we head to Nantucket.

 Nantucket is, by all accounts, beautiful.  The waters are a bit warmer, the boats are not just boats but lavish yachts, the streets are cobblestoned and the place just screams quaint New England town.  

Having said that, much the same as the men who wear candy colored short pants on MV, the ladies here feel it necessary to don their straw hats and overpriced Nantucket basket purses.  I never did quite understand the dress code myself.  The Nantucket basket "purse" is far too small for my tastes and it has a wooden handle that would be uncomfortable on my wrist but to each his/her own.  As for the hat?  Well, I suppose it can prove useful on a hot summer day but I never could find one that fit my, ahem, fat head. 

The men do have their own style on this island as well.  Nantucket red is the color and it's everywhere.... and plaid, they like plaid.

Enough about fashion.  We arrived in Nantucket late one afternoon and had ourselves a bit of an adventure out on one of the points.  I go into a little more detail about that adventure in a prior blog (Naked and Afraid) so I'll just leave you to read all about it there.  After our adventure we headed onto the main island for some typical island fare of seafood and ice cream.  We walked around a bit, got reacquainted with the lay of the land and headed back to the boat for a good night's rest.  Morning came but the "coffee boat" that I seem to recall from past adventures never arrived.  No harm done, we were heading back to shore for 
breakfast anyway.

There are a variety of places to indulge in early morning fare but we settled on Met on Main.  The walk thru town to get to this adorable eatery was a breath of fresh air at every turn!!

After taking in the colorful sights and breathing in a melting pot of delicious aroma, we finally arrived at this Main Street hot spot.  I immediately noticed that they'd undergone a recent renovation.  I was loving the decor, it was crisp and clean and inviting in the main dining area.  We chose to eat in the garden out back and they really did a wonderful job with design there as well!!

The menu was rather limited but the food and service were excellent!  Warning to the faint of wallet, breakfast for this family of 5 came very close to the $100 mark including tip!!!  Those are some pricey eggs!!!  If you plan on visiting Nantucket, plan to bring some serious $$$$!!

After breakfast we set off once again to head back to Martha's Vineyard.  It was a quick adventure but a good one!!


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