Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No Gym? No Equipment? No Excuses!!!!

I'm back from my adventure and glad to be home and back to a normal schedule.  While vacations are great, the very nature of a vacation is to get you out of your normal grind, loosen up on your routine and just relax. That's all fine and good but what about your exercise routine?  I won't lie to you, I was really concerned about my recent lifestyle changes and how that was going to work out on my adventure.  Vacations can be and should be filled with lots of fun and that's what I was afraid of-- lots of rich food, lots of fruity cocktails to wash down that great food-- oh no!!  I didn't want to backslide and lose all the great progress I'd made and I didn't want to regiment the fun right out of my vacation either.  I wouldn't have any equipment or a gym where I was going and I'm not really into running so what was I going to do?

No gym?  No equipment?  No excuses!!!  I consulted my trainer, Chris Engel, and she put this portable routine together for me........

I had been committed to diet and exercise for long enough to stick to the basics while I was away while still enjoying the food and cocktails that make a vacation a vacation.  Moderation was key and it worked.  When I got home and was forced to come head to head with my scale I was pleasantly surprised.  No weight loss but no weight gain either.  I was back to the gym the next day, business as usual.

So if you are going away and you're worried about getting off track just remember, no gym? no equipment? NO EXCUSES!!


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