Sunday, August 18, 2013

You Want To Fool Around?

So, you want to fool around?   Let's head to the playground!!!

I really like the idea of no excuses when it comes to working out.  It's way too easy to fall back on "I don't have time" or "I'm tired" and let's not forget that real winning excuse "I can't...the kids....I don't have a sitter".  No more!  No more excuses!!!  Just DO it!! Where?  Anywhere!!  And I do mean anywhere.

This morning I was at a Bootcamp at 6am.  Bootcamp is awesome!!  It's never the same class twice and Chris does a great job of being creative and keeping workouts interesting.  This morning our entire workout was done on the playground!!  While she brought a few props, most of the exercises made use of our own body weight or the playground equipment.  What a great idea for parents who find themselves at the playground on a daily basis with their little ones.  

Push-ups, hands wide

This workout doesn't require a gym or any equipment outside of what you'd find at the playground. It's perfect for busy people because although the workout is done on a playground in this example, it easily transfers anywhere you happen to be.  Look around, you can do push ups anywhere--against a wall, against a counter--anywhere!  Squats are portable too!  Be creative, get moving and keep moving! 

I had one heck of a workout this morning so I just had to share it here.
Bootcamp lasts an hour and you can get a thorough workout in within that time frame.  If you don't have a full hour to put in, do what you can.  

Push-ups, hands close

I workout all day long in addition to my formal workouts with Chris.  Push-ups against the counter while waiting for the microwave, tricep dips on the coffee table while watching my favorite television show or calf raises just about anywhere!! Just work it in whenever you can. The more you do, the stronger you get.  

So get up and get started!!  Go fool around!!!

Single Leg Squats, Crunches, Pull-ups


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