Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm Hot!! Are You Up For A Quickie?

I'll be brief, a "quickie" you might say.............

As you know, I've been on a quest for a  bikini -worthy backside.  Part of that quest includes eating healthy meals that consist of a protein, a carb and a fat ("the plan").  In some of my previous posts I've shared a recipe or two with you.  In keeping with "the plan" I decided to make myself a protein shake for dinner.  This wasn't just any shake, I was going to try something new, something extra special.  This time I was going to include vegetables from my garden.  I gathered everything I would need-- frozen banana, raspberries..... I had cantaloupe so I threw that in too.....protein powder, ice and water.  Then I went out to my garden to see what was ripe for the pickin'.  I picked a zucchini and then I had my choice of either a cucumber or some sort of pepper.  The pepper was oddly shaped and I really didn't recall what kind of pepper plants I had purchased, all I knew is that I had two different plants of different varieties.  I read somewhere that peppers were really rich is a variety of vitamins.  Cucumbers are good for you but I always use cucumbers.... I chose the pepper.

I went back into the kitchen and assembled the fruit and vegetables, chopped what needed to be chopped and threw it all in the blender.  Shake, shake, shake and away we go.  I filled my glass and started to gulp.......


It's not just my mouth that is on fire, it's my lips, my mouth and all the way down to my stomach.  I know what "feeling the burn" is when I'm working out but this is ridiculous!!

And no..... I STILL don't know what kind of pepper that was!!!

Hope this gave you a big 'ole belly laugh, even if it was at my expense!  When the burn goes away I'm sure I'll be giggling about this all night!!



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