Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Live Like A Tourist

A few weeks ago, during a "meal off" of my GAME ON eating plan, my husband and I decided to live like tourists so we took the kids to The Lobster Pool in the Pigeon Cove section of Rockport.  The Lobster Pool is basically a clam shack of sorts and offers the traditional fried seafood always expected of seaside destination towns.  The tourists love it. 

They have great fried seafood, chicken fingers if you are a landlubber, an array of baked and broiled items and homemade desserts for those with room after consuming the healthy portion sizes.  I'm particularly fond of their hand cut onion rings.  

The real attraction though is the location.  Situated in a little cove on the border of Pigeon Cove and      
Lainesville, and offering both indoor and outdoor seating, this is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.  

Bringing your own alcohol is allowed so don't forget the wine or beer and you'll have a perfect date night!

It's really a special spot and I love taking friends here when they visit from out of town.  The next time you're in Rockport you'll want to visit The Lobster Pool!  Maybe I'll see you there!!


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