Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pure Touch

We'd had rain for a few days but the morning was bright and the rays warm as they streamed through the window.  Our room is perched up high and overlooks the harbor.  I peeked out and the sun glistened like diamonds scattered across the water. It was early and my family was still deep in their dreams so  I dressed quickly and left for a short walk to see what I could see.  I like waking early when I'm home so I can enjoy those few precious moments alone and when I'm on vacation it's more of the same.  I like having the town to myself.  I like the sounds of silence, of the birds just beginning to wake and the smell of coffee just beginning to brew. It's peace.

Just a few short steps down the street I came upon a retail store that is all the rage with the 20 something preppy kids.  Jack Wills is decidedly British and is definitely not suitable to my bohemian style but I can appreciate their storefront and the appealing way they make use of interesting props.  I loved the beach chair theme they had on display this morning.  I took a seat outside of the bank on a small park bench directly across from the chair display.  It was peaceful and quiet and I just took in the scene before the town awoke and the streets began to fill with vacationers in search of coffee and croissants.

Before long I made my way back the way I came and headed toward the harbor picking up coffee along the way.  I passed the spa located on the resort grounds.  Pure Touch.  I made a mental note to pay them a visit when they opened for business. Seems like a good pedicure day.

I found a seat by the harbor and breathed in the salt air.  The sun was higher and warmer now and I could feel the heat of the morning.  Foreshadowing of the blistering day ahead I'm sure.  The flowers were fragrant and welcoming.  I could see the dewdrops on each delicate petal, bees were buzzing about.     The coffee was hot and strong.  I just sat there, thinking.  I had no particular thoughts, I wasn't troubled by anything, I just sat and let my mind drift this way and that.  Therapeutic relaxation.

What felt like only moments had passed but I'm sure it was longer.  I was in a trance-like state from nature's cocktail of sun and sea air.  Fellow vacationers began to emerge from their rooms, stretching and yawning and wanting for steaming coffee.  Shops began to open.  In keeping with this morning's relaxation theme, I went in search of that pedicure.

I walked into Pure Touch and it was there that I met Miss Vanessa.  Vanessa is a Jamaican born gentle soul who's voice is as soothing as her touch.  I was in good hands.  For the next hour Miss Vanessa pampered me with delightful but soft conversation and gentle massage.  I emerged with softer skin, polished toes and limply relaxed.  Thank you Miss Vanessa!

Relaxed and at peace my day begins.  Until next time.....


+Michelle Morrissette Cucchiaro
+My Baked Stuffed Life

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